Hiking in Index

Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls give a spectacular display from several viewpoints along the trail. The trail is most commonly traveled as an out and back but you can form a loop by continuing past the falls and returning via an old logging railroad bed. The 256 foot tall falls are a great sight and this hike is a must for anyone who lives in Western Washington! The trail begins in the open, underneath some power lines before entering the forest and forking. The right fork is wooded and more scenic. The trail is well built and follows the river most of the time. The first viewpoint is at an old shelter and is a great place for a picnic or a turnaround point for families. The middle viewpoint is located another 0.5 miles down the trail while the third viewpoint is situated yet another 0.5 miles down the trail.

Lake Serene

The trail to Lake Serene is full of beauty, with both Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Serene competing as major attractions along the way. Bridal Veil Creek makes its way from the lake, cascading all the way over rocks in many streams. The creek descends 1,300 feet in less than a half of mile with much of the elevation loss being in the form of free falls. The just as impressive Lake Serene is surrounded by steep rock cliffs and Mount Index, towering 3,500 feet above. The lake lies at only 2,500 feet but due to its northern aspect, snow lingers till July in most years.

Barclay Lake

The hike to Barclay Lake is an easy walk, at its worst. The trail is well maintained and in great condition. The hike is basically level and follows Barclay Creek for most of the hike. Barclay Lake is located a short distance from the trailhead with Baring Mountain towering over the glistening lake at its base. This hike is excellent for novice hikers, but a beautiful one nonetheless.

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